RESTAURANT REPORT: Handwashing and food temperature violations

RESTAURANT REPORT: Handwashing and food temperature violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's not enough to put on clean gloves when you work in a restaurant kitchen. The health department says you must wash your hands first because bacteria, like from raw meat, can get on the clean gloves when you put them on. That was one of the issues at a popular Hanover hangout, but the owners say everything has been corrected.

We headed to Kreggers Tap and Table at 9523 Kings Charter Drive in Ashland after it had four critical violations, plus five non-critical, on its last health inspection.

The report says there were dead or trapped flies in a control device that needed to be removed because they can attract more pests. It also says an employee failed to wash their hands after handling raw chicken and before donning new gloves and engaged in food preparation.

We spoke with the owners, and they told us that not only were the critical violations corrected during the inspection, but that the rest were corrected the same day.

Jersey Mike's at 2709 Buford Road in North Chesterfield had four critical violations, plus six non-critical, and three were repeated from a previous inspection.

The report says meatballs and tomato sauce were not reheated to a high enough temperature, the door to the meat case was broken, and the inspector told them not to store cutting boards in the mop sink.  Three violations were corrected during the inspection.

We left a message for the owner, but have not heard back yet. Jersey Mike's was just reinspected Tuesday.  We obtained the report, which shows all violations were corrected except for two non-critical.

We gave our NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Ken Gaines Mobile Grill.  Owner Ken Gaines says he serves up his Mexican cuisine from his mobile grill at several festivals throughout the year. Gaines has aced every health inspection he's had over the last five years.

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