NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Declaring Your Independence

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Declaring Your Independence

By: Kym Grinnage email

I took the opportunity the other day to re-read the Declaration of Independence, a definitive document in this country's history. It was both provocative and definitely a document of its time in history while at the same time projecting a long term view.

As we celebrate the day we call Independence Day, it reminded me of the importance of "independent thinking."

As we prepare to get into the heavy lifting season of local, state and national campaigning, and ultimately Election Day, we will all be bombarded with political messages from candidates and support groups on every media outlet under the sun. This will include TV, radio, social media, digital and your everyday conversations with your family, friends and colleagues.

Everyone will have their facts, their opinions and also their misinformation. The most important thing we can do is maintain a level of "independent thinking."

Don't get swept up in the noise of group think on the left, the right or the middle. Take the time to truly think for yourself.

I believe we have an obligation to those men and women who fought and died for independence, democracy and equal rights, to give our decisions some thought and research.

No one candidate will have all of the answers, but you are the only person who has to answer to yourself.

Happy Independence Day to you and your family!!

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