41 people dead, 239 injured at airport in Istanbul

41 people dead, 239 injured at airport in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, TURKEY (WWBT) - The death toll has risen to 41 people with 239 injured after suicide bombers opened fire at a busy airport in Turkey.

Right now, airports in the U.S. are taking note of the tragedy and stepping up security protocols.

On Wednesday, several flights at RIC were boarding and preparing to take off to major cities, like Atlanta, New York, and Detroit all within the next half hour.

Passengers were on alert following the latest round of violence happened at one of the busiest airports in the world.

According to reports, there was already a multi-layered security system in place at the airport in Istanbul, one that required double screening where travelers have to go through security before entering the terminal and then again after going through passport control.

There is also a vehicle checkpoint at the Turkish airport but only for suspicious vehicles.

Still, the three suicide bombers were able to arrive on the premises and open fire, killing 41 people and injuring 239.

The terror in Istanbul unfolded just days before the big Fourth of July weekend where many passengers will be traveling, undoubtedly with security at the forefront.

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