Homeowner pulls machete on 2 men forcing their way into Henrico home

Police investigating after 2 men force their way into home in Henrico's East End

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - It was a terrifying morning for an eastern Henrico family after they were threatened at gun point during a home invasion. They say the suspects pretended to be utility workers and forced their way into their home near Laburnum Avenue and Creighton Road.

This family is still uneasy because police are still looking for the suspects right now.

On Wednesday morning, Henrico Police flooded Dominion Townes Terrace after a call for a terrifying home invasion.

"I felt like my life was at risk, my kids, my family's life was at risk," says one of the homeowners who didn't want to be identified.

He says just after 4 a.m., a man dressed as a utility worker knocked on their door.

"He kept mumbling so I said,'Sir, I think you have the wrong address,'" he said.

The homeowner says about 20 minutes later there was another knock at the door.  This time, his fiancee answered and she hid a machete behind her back.

The family says the men were wearing hard hats and neon vests.  "He said there was a gas leak in the area," says the homeowner.

When the fiancee told the man to leave, that's when things got violent.  "He started forcing his way inside the residence," says the homeowner.  "When she pulled the machete out, he backed up,cocked his weapon and told her to put it down."

This man says that's when he came into the room and saw the suspect with the gun.

"I think he would have shot her if the gun hadn't jammed," he said.  "By the grace of God, he didn't. Thank God."

The man said he was about to fight the suspect, but his family, which includes his fiancee, two teenage daughters and their grandmother, told him not to.

He was able to call 911 and the suspects took off.

Now this man has advice for other families out there who hear a knock in the middle of the night.  "If it's utility it should be accompanied by fire or police," he said.  "Ask for identification, ask for some type of credentials that prove who they are."

Police released the following descriptions:

Suspect 1: Black Male, 18-24 years old, 5'6-5'7, 160-175 lbs, "very" dark complexion, thin, very pronounced cheek bones, clean shaven, close cut hair, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, reflective vest, white hard hat, armed with a black semi-automatic handgun

Police say if someone comes to you home claiming there is a utility problem and you're unsure, you can call the non emergency number at 501-5000.

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