Judge gives family of Richmond girl on life support more time

Judge gives family of Richmond girl on life support more time

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A judge is giving a family an extra 10 days before making a decision in the case of a young girl on life support.

Mirranda Grace is currently on life support at VCU Medical Center after choking on a piece of popcorn.

Mirranda's father, Patrick Lawson, has taken the hospital to court after doctors wanted to perform a test to determine if she's brain dead. They want to take her off life support to see if she can breathe on her own.

The judge ruled the hospital can move forward with the test, but Lawson has been refusing to let that happen. VCU Medical Center is working to get a court order to do so.

Lawson is confident a miracle will happen, even while the hospital's attorney said in court Tuesday that Mirranda is already dead. A doctor who testified during the two-hour court hearing said Mirranda has no sign of brain stem function and is past the point of recovery.

In 10 days, the family will work to get the two-year-old into another hospital.

"All I've asked for is for Mirranda Grace to have more time, and the judge granted her 10 more days for us to find another hospital that's willing to give us the treatment she needs," said Lawson. "I feel that she's going to reboot and the good Lord has not told me that it's her time yet."

The VCU Medical Center's attorney says they need to proceed with medicine, science, and law. But the family's holding on to faith.

"She's going to be a testimony to the great Lord that miracles can happen," said Lawson.

VCU Health System released a statement saying they "will abide with the court and continue to offer superb care to Mirranda and support to her family as we have since she came to our hospital nearly three weeks ago."

Four local hospitals already turned down taking in Mirranda, so the family says they will be looking out of state.

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