'Hybrid moving' can save you hundreds getting to your next home

'Hybrid moving' can save you hundreds getting to your next home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There are plenty of horror stories of things that went wrong while trying to move: unexpected costs, broken furniture, some have even had their items essentially held for ransom until they pay the inflated fees.

"Hybrid moving" can save you money and peace of mind.

After 28 years teaching in Arizona, Darbin McCoy is ready for her life's next chapter here in Virginia.

"I had to coordinate so many different things, shipping my car, packing up my house and then trying to get to a certain location," said McCoy.

She trusted PODS to deliver her belongings, but she needed to hire someone to load the POD in Pheonix and a local company to unload when it arrived.

"I went through the HireAHelper website, and I started going through reviews and looking for the best company I could find and for the right price," said McCoy.

HireAHelper is an online marketplace where you can hire local, hourly moving labor. Sites like this have helped spearhead the hybrid moving movement -basically breaking up the steps of the move to save some money and eliminate those dreaded surprises.

"We take pictures of every move, we videotape to make sure if there's any damages that happen and show it to the customer ahead of time," said Sabrina Kennedy with Duck Solution Movers.

Darbin also saves money while her stuff is in storage because of the experienced movers' packing skills.

"It's packed really nice. I'm just glad it all fits," said McCoy.

If she had done it herself, she'd have needed a much larger storage unit.

Darbin was always in full possession of her belongings and spent hundreds less than if she'd had hired one company for everything.

"I was able to control my costs," said McCoy. "I picked the movers that fit my budget but i also picked movers that were highly rated... very happy, very satisfied."

HireAHelper says they can save you thousands over a traditional move. They've got a "moving 101" page that details you what you could save.

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