More trouble for unlicensed Richmond-area landscaper

More trouble for unlicensed Richmond-area landscaper

POWHATAN, VA (WWBT) - An unlicensed landscaper from the Richmond area is facing more legal trouble.

Paul Anderson has been the subject of several 12 On Your Side investigations in which homeowners allege he received advance pay and did not perform the work he was paid for.

Over the weekend, Anderson was arrested in Goochland and charged with DWI. In addition to those charges, he's facing a new lawsuit.

NBC12 caught up with Anderson at the Powhatan County Courthouse Thursday afternoon.

Anderson's ex-wife brought him into court in Powhatan after he allegedly failed to pay child support.

NBC12 went to the courthouse to try and get answers from Anderson about his business dealings and the latest homeowner suing him.

A fast walk and a dismissive look away from the camera is all NBC12 got from the unlicensed landscaper outside the courthouse.

Anderson declined to answer questions about the charges against him, but, away from the camera, Anderson became irate, with his loud confrontation drawing several deputies.

NBC12 also didn't receive comment from Anderson about why he hadn't paid court judgments and people he owes for unfinished jobs.

Robert Alsop is the latest homeowner to contact 12 On Your Side related to Anderson.

Alsop says he answered an ad by Virginia Landscape Development, with Anderson coming to his home and worked up a contract for an $11,000 backyard retaining wall.

The homeowner says he wrote a check for $4,000 to BT Anderson as a deposit for the work and gave it to Paul Anderson but no work was ever done.

"My goal is to get him to stop doing what he's doing to other people," Alsop said.

It was an active company when Alsop signed the contract. He, like others who have contacted NBC12, say they feel betrayed by the state.

They followed protocol, did a license check of the number on the contract, but was never alerted about complaints against Paul Anderson.

"The license for BT Anderson was still actually active and that's what amazes me," Alsop says. "There was no red flag."

Alsop has filed a warrant in debt against both Anderson and his son and a criminal complaint alleging construction fraud with the Hanover Sheriff's Office

"This has been going on with this individual for a number of years now, then obviously the process isn't quick enough to protect the public," Alsop adds.

The Commonwealth says it cannot make notations on license look-up, no matter how egregious the allegations are. But, it has done some "reprogramming" to give consumers additional information about contractors.

The board says the change is not a result of the Anderson cases.

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