RESTAURANT REPORT: Food not cooled to proper temperatures

RESTAURANT REPORT: Food not cooled to proper temperatures

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Often on the Restaurant Report, you'll hear about critical violations for food that's not cooled properly.  You might wonder, "Why is that a big deal?"

The Health Department requires food to be cooled to 41 degrees within six hours to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.  That was a problem for two local restaurants on their last inspections.

Up first is Imperial Chinese Restaurant at 117 North Washington Highway in Hanover.  It had four critical violations, plus 11 non-critical, and five were repeats from a previous inspection.

The report says bottles of personal medication were on the food prep table, and rice cooked the previous day was still not cooled off to the required 41 degrees.

The rice was thrown out and the medicine was put away.

We went over and both left a note and a phone message to see if the other violations were corrected.  We haven't heard back yet.

Up next, Little Asia at 3991 Glenside Drive in Henrico, had four critical violations, plus three non-critical.

The report said the kitchen needed a thorough cleaning, and some rice, shrimp, and chicken had not been cooled properly. That and some other violations were corrected on the spot.

When the inspector went back the next day, Little Asia still had one critical violation.  The interior of the ice machine was dirty and needed cleaning.

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