Landlord will make repairs to rental home after Petersburg couple called 12

Landlord will make repairs to rental home after Petersburg couple called 12

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - A Petersburg couple is finally getting results after they grew tired of waiting for repairs to their home.

Alfred and LaKeisha called 12 to complain of improperly installed doors and sloping floors. They say the landlord promised to fix the problems.

Tenants say they talked with the property manager Tuesday morning and here's the plan: he will provide the truck and move them into another of his properties temporarily, while he hires a crew to fix what's wrong with the house they hope to one day buy.

There's a lot that's new with the Petersburg house, and it's not all good. Since our last visit, more problems have come to light. The tenant points to a bathroom leak and soft spots in the ceiling.

Tenant Alfred Winfield called 12 for help.

"The water, it started leaking and he came over a.s.a.p. yesterday. He put a tarp on the roof to stop the water from coming in."

What's good, the tenants say, is they have the property manager's attention now. Add to that Petersburg Code Enforcement came out and found structural problems, warped floors, leaks and other areas that need to be addressed.

"Until he saw what you all put on the news, he kind of changed around," said Winfield. "He said, 'when you moved into this house, I didn't know that many things were wrong with it. If I did, I would have never moved you in.'"

Code Enforcement says the owner of record is Michael Cooper and a South Adams street address. We went there and found an empty house with city notices and a "for sale" sign in the yard. Neighbors told us the house is rented out and the tenants moved six months ago.

The property manager told me in an email Tuesday that he's putting some temporary arrangements in place, trying to fully address the issues.

The plan, according to the tenants, is to move them into a different house, repair the problems here, and move them back in. They're willing to give the landlord another chance because of what the property manager said to them.

"Before you even come back in here, you're going to do a walk through. I'll have it fixed to your expectations. With the help of Channel 12 and God, you can't ask for no more," said Winfield.

Tony Balthrop, the Managing Partner tells me in an email that he will let me know how things go and that they're working on resolving the problems, repairing some things that he says the tenants aren't financially able to do. Balthrop said he would have more specifics on Friday.

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