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Political Analyst: Don't rush to judgement in McAuliffe probe

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Source: NBC12) Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Source: NBC12)

With Governor McAuliffe addressing allegations into his campaign’s finances, there’s one thing that’s certain: the government will have to get to the bottom of it because all eyes will be watching.

"Money influences outcomes, it just does. If we don't want it to be a free for all, then we have to do our due diligence as a society to look at it, comb it, hold people responsible and accountable," says NBC 12 political analyst Deirdre Condit.

That's exactly what's happening with one of Virginia's top leaders under the microscope yet again.

"It does have an impact on how we think about our public life and our public officials, and not a good one," said Condit. "But that also doesn't mean that we shouldn't do it. You don't stop investigating and looking and trying to keep transparency."

Condit believes if there ends up being a conviction, it could lead to voter apathy in future elections. So she's reminding everyone whose watching of one fact.

"Because they're looking doesn't mean wrongdoing has occurred, it means they're doing their job, so we have to wait and see the outcome before we really judge," she said.

As McAuliffe declares his innocence, many are reminded of Governor Bob McDonnell who did the same before he was found guilty of public corruption. But in McAuliffe’s probe, there’s a significant difference that could come into play regarding his background.

"He made his mark in the private sector in business and in campaign finance systems. He raised a ton of money for the Democratic party, so he knows that world inside and out. He should know how close to the line you come without crossing over. That was his job, to bring in as much money as he could from as many sources as he could," Condit added.

She says although illegal, dark money makes its way into political campaigns frequently through various loopholes that never become knowledgeable to the public or even the government.

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