RESTAURANT REPORT: Workers touch money, cell phone and didn’t wash up

RESTAURANT REPORT: Workers touch money, cell phone and didn’t wash up

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Things we touch, such as money and cell phones, collect a lot of germs. That's why health inspectors wrote up two restaurants for violations when employees didn't wash their hands after touching them.

We went to Jersey Mike's Subs at 6945 Commons Plaza in Chesterfield after it had four critical violations, plus seven non-critical on its last health inspection, including that some items in a case were not being kept cold enough.

"Usually, we do real [sic] well on inspections," said owner Lee Waldrop. "But the health inspector came in one time and the meat case went down in temperature, so we called our refrigeration guy and immediately got it fixed."

The report also says an employee handled money, then put on gloves without washing their hands. That was corrected, but the report says the soda nozzles were not clean.

"Now we clean them. We take them off every night, put them in sanitizer water and let them soak overnight," said Waldrop.

When the inspector returned, Jersey Mike's still had one critical violation, but Waldrop says everything is now corrected.

"I just want to apologize. This is not a common occurrence that happens at all really, but everything is fixed now and good to go," he said.

Up next is Top's China at 68 South Airport Drive in Eastern Henrico. It had four critical violations plus six non-critical. The report says an employee failed to wash their hands after using their cell phone, and several utensils were dirty. Some violations were corrected on the spot, and they were all completely fixed when the inspector returned ten days later.

We surprised the restaurant Ching Wah by presenting the owner with our Hall of Fame Award this week. The Chinese takeout restaurant at 6207 Belmont Road in Chesterfield has aced its last three health inspections in a row.

"My husband, at night, he does the cleaning. You know the restaurant, the cleaning, when customers come here, they feel better," said owner Dao Ying Chen.

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