Chesterfield teen organizes music camp in Haiti

Chesterfield teen organizes music camp in Haiti

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Many people say they want to change the world, This summer, one Chesterfield teenager will change a small part of it through the power of music.

If you want to see Meredith Beavers smile, get her talking about music.

"I think it is something everyone can relate to," said Beavers.

She has been singing and playing instruments ever since she was in fourth grade, and it all started with a simple recorder.

"You make the notes on it, and then you also learn how to read the music from it," said Beavers.

She went on to not only read music, but perform it in show choir and music theater at James River High School.

"Music really brings people together," said Beavers.

This summer, as part of a service learning project, the 17-year-old will prove it by bringing two groups of children together and she will do it by using the very thing that started her on her musical journey.

"I'm collecting recorders from students at Weaver Elementary and taking them to Haiti and teaching the students there how to play the recorders," said Beavers.

Playing an instrument is something many of the children in Cerca Carvajal have never experienced.

Meredith knows that firsthand because, for several years now, she has traveled back and forth to the rural community on church mission trips.

However, this summer, she will head there leading her own mission, which involves conducting a four-day music camp for 70 children, ranging from 6 to 12 years old.

"I'm really excited about going," said Beavers.

Meredith admits her Haitian Creole is not strong, but through the language of music, she, along with several assistants, plans to teach a song called "One Day."

"They're going to learn how to play that on the recorder, so they're going to learn the chorus of it and then the students at Weaver are going to learn the verses of it. I'm hoping that then I can combine it into one video," said Beavers.

During her travels to Haiti, she has noticed that the children love music as much as she does. So, she wants to pass along what she knows to them, but she also wants to leave both her students in Haiti as well as those at Weaver with another lesson.

"Learning other people's stories is important because you don't know anything about someone until you get to talking to them and learning all about them. Everyone has a story," said Beavers.

Meredith's music camp will also provide crafts, as well as a daily meal for the children.

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