RVA Parenting: Patience needed for picky eaters

RVA Parenting: Patience needed for picky eaters

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There are children out there who won't eat anything.

And if you're a parent of one of those kids, it can be frustrating.

For 5-year-old Maya, the drama around an unfamiliar meal wasn't the only issue.

The little girl wasn't gaining weight and her pediatrician was even concerned about her growth.

At a loss, her mother hired a coach to work with Maya on the picky eating.

It's a trend that is is growing.

A therapist can use play and new foods to try to make eating fun and can help parents learn how to get that picky eater to eat.

"It can take as many as 10 or 12 tries of a new food before a child will accept it," said Dr. Jennifer Shu, spokesperson for American Academy of Pediatrics. "Parents really need to be patient. A healthy diet is not built overnight."

Experts say that if you have a picky eater, get your kids involved in the food preparation and have them take small bites of new foods. If you decide to try a "coach," talk to your pediatrician about what type of coach might be helpful.

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