On Your Side: Petersburg woman suing Maaco over car painting problems

On Your Side: Petersburg woman suing Maaco over car painting problems

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Who's responsible if the paint job you purchased for your car is less than what you expected?

Cynthia Bradley wanted to spruce up the faded paint on her used car but she says an auto body shop did a less-than-perfect job and she wants her money back.

Since the paint on Bradley's 2001 Ford Mustang had faded, she wanted to give it a shiny, bright red paint job, leading to her taking it to Maaco's Petersburg location.

"They kept it almost three weeks," Bradley said. "They said we messed up the driver fender. The guy let the clear coat leak so they had to buff it down. Claimed they fixed it. It wasn't fixed."

Bradley said Maaco did call her about one of the employee's mistake but, she claims, even after following instructions to wait 30 days before bringing her car back, she still doesn't have the professional paint job she expected after three attempts.

The car owner notes areas on her Ford Mustang where the paint work has cracks, paint on the trim of her headlights, and areas where Bradley says Maaco employees tried to use super glue to fix issues.

Maaco manager Ray Wescott defended the paint work done to Bradley's car, which totaled $912.

He adds that the invoice does state some imperfections will show, saying that he addressed every concern with Bradley, even the damage.

Maaco says Bradley was expecting more than she was willing to pay

"I don't do show cars," Wescott remarked. "I can't do a perfect paint job for that kind of price. There's reason why there's economical paint services."

"She said I broke a broken part," he continued. "How is that possible? I mean, if it's already cracked, it already needs replacing. I offered
to put it in. She didn't want to bring the car back to put it in. Reality is, you get what you purchase. There's different grades and quality."

Bradley remains furious and unhappy with the quality of work her car was given.

"I just don't want them on my car again," she said.

Wescott said he's still willing to try and work with the unhappy customer, saying he'll do whatever he can to help Bradley but, he said he's not going to repaint the car, stressing that the car "doesn't need it."

The company said it's willing to clean up any areas on Bradley's car if she brings it back to their Petersburg shop.

Bradley said they've had enough tries to attempt to fix the issues, filing court papers to let a judge settle this dispute. She is seeking to get her money back.

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