Richmond neighbors riled up over string of towed cars

Richmond neighbors riled up over string of towed cars

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Neighbors in Richmond's Fulton Hill are furious that their cars were towed to make way for leaf collection.

Residents say several cars were hauled away on National Street Wednesday morning with illegal parkers getting slapped with $95 tickets.

The city posted "no parking" signs warning neighbors to move their cars days in advance. in order to make way for leaf collection.

Kim Frost, who says the street sweeping slipped her mind, rushed out of her house when she saw her SUV strapped to the back of a tow truck.

"I kind of panicked and asked (the tow truck driver) what I needed to do … I had to pay a $95 fee to get (my car) off the tow truck," said Kim.

Tangela Davis was slapped with tickets for two of her cars, one of which was towed. Davis was able to move the other before it was hauled away, but she says it was still ticketed.

"The tow truck hadn't even touched my car, so why am I getting a ticket?" questioned Davis.

Neighbors are angry because they say that the city's website lists a street sweeping parking fine as a $40. Residents also point out there were hardly any leaves on the ground. Further, neighbors claim that some illegally parked cars, weren't towed at all.

"There were cars that didn't get towed, and the street sweeper drove around," added Frost.

Officials tell us that street sweeping and leaf collection are one in the same.

Regardless of how many leaves are on the ground, the cars need to be moved for the removal of any debris.

Officials say if your car is towed, the fine then rises to $95, instead of $40.

It is still unknown why some cars that were allegedly wrongly parked weren't towed.

Meantime, Davis says she's going to contest her tickets.

"Who has $100, $200 to pay out of your pocket for your vehicle," continued Davis.

A ticket can be contested after it's paid, but it has to be within the first 15 days. City officials say cars that have been booted cannot be contested.

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