FL man tests Target's new transgender bathroom policy

FL man tests Target's new transgender bathroom policy

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (WWBT) - A Florida man decided to test Target's new policy that allows transgender people to use whichever restroom they identify with.

On April 22, Andy Park, who claimed he was dressed as "an average guy," filmed a video while walking into a Target and asked the employees if he could use the women's restroom because he said he felt "uncomfortable" in the men's restroom. The employees said he could.

In an interview with WFLA, Park said his problem with the policy is that it "may be putting older people or children at risk."

The video Park uploaded to Facebook has since been taken down.

The video comes after The American Family Association, a conservative Christian advocacy group, started a petition on social media using the hashtag #BoycottTarget. Several users said they supported the boycott.

However, some users supported Target's policy.

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