RVA Parenting: How to take your child's temperature

RVA Parenting: How to take your child's temperature

When you take your child's temperature, it is important to know the proper way to do it.

"The general recommendation is for children under two, the temperature should be taken rectally, that is the most accurate way. Oral temperatures in older children are accurate as well. You got to have the thermometer under the tongue or in the side of the cheek for an appropriate amount of time," says Mark Flanzenbaum, M.D., FAAP at KidMed."Most of the new digital thermometers will actually beep when they're red and that's accurate."

Dr. Flanzenbaum says what is difficult is a lot of parent use forehead thermometers or the ear thermometers.

"We call them temporal or aural thermometers. Those are okay for the lower temperatures. But, they are notoriously inaccurate when you start getting into the 102, 103 range; take that with a grain of salt when you take your child's temperature," says Dr. Flanzenbaum.

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