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These children are waiting for you to adopt them

Khamarion and Heavenly (Source: AdoptUSKids) Khamarion and Heavenly (Source: AdoptUSKids)
Jayden (Source: AdoptUSKids) Jayden (Source: AdoptUSKids)
Mark (Source: AdoptUSKids) Mark (Source: AdoptUSKids)
Georgia (Source: AdoptUSKids) Georgia (Source: AdoptUSKids)
Dashawn (Source: AdoptUSKids) Dashawn (Source: AdoptUSKids)

Thousands of children are waiting for adoption and you can help find them homes through an online project.

AdoptUSKids is funded by the US Children’s Bureau to raise awareness of the need for foster and adoptive families and support the efforts of states, tribes, and territories to find families for children and youth in foster care.

The site boasts the country’s most comprehensive free photolisting of children in foster care awaiting adoption. Families can register and search for children or post their own profiles, which can then be searched and viewed by caseworkers searching for families for children.

Hundreds of children in Virginia’s foster care system are waiting for adoption and you can help find them homes through Connecting Hearts, a nonprofit led by Virginia’s Adoption Champion Debbie Johnston.

Connecting Hearts works with the Virginia Department of Social Services to spread awareness about waiting children and to guide prospective parents through the foster-to-adopt process. You can help by simply spreading the word about the children in hopes that the right family will be found.

To adopt from foster care, parents must foster a child for 6 months or longer before an adoption can be finalized. This means parents looking to adopt must go through the steps to become foster parents first. A common misconception with adoption is high costs. In fact, there are no fees to adopt a child from foster care - from the state instead of a private agency.

Here are five waiting children:

Khamarion and Heavenly are African-American brother and sister. Khamarion is a male who is very active and likes to play outdoors as well as electronic games. He is a bit shy at first but eventually warms up and becomes very playful. Once he gets to know you he is extremely affectionate.

Heavenly is a female who is friendly and engaging. She is very helpful and caring to those around her. She enjoys watching cartoons. While still very young, Heavenly is strong-willed and can be very independent at times.
Khamarion and Heavenly have a very strong bond and need to remain together. They desire parents who are patient, caring, loving and will not separate them.

After spending a little time with Jayden, you will learn that he loves to be on-the-go! He has plenty of energy and enjoys being active, whether that involves running around in the yard or going on family outings. Jayden is a smart, resilient boy. He does well academically, and his best subject is math. Some of Jayden’s favorite activities include playing sports, riding his bike, swimming, and playing with Legos, Pokemon, Transformers, and Star Wars characters. He has enjoyed playing on his little league baseball team and soccer team and hopes to continue being involved in sports.

Mark is a Caucasian male. He is an outspoken teenager with lots of dreams and goals. Mark enjoys playing video games, within limits. For two years Mark has played football on his high school team. He loves playing football. Mark plans to attend college on a football scholarship. He has also participated in baseball and track in the past. He is very smart and is taking some advanced placement classes. 

A two-parent family would be beneficial to Mark with a strong male role model that will help guide him through the rest of his teenage years and help him to accomplish his goals.

DaShawn is a bi-racial male who is pleasant and creative. He is very curious about the world around him with a keen interest in science and how things work. DaShawn enjoys meeting new people and is very polite and engaging. 

DaShawn is an enthusiastic creator of origami and loves to make his art for others. He is very bright and tests above average intelligence. He enjoys amusement parks and will ride every ride. Similar to boys his age, he enjoys video games and playing outdoor.

DaShawn states he was previously a Boy Scout and would very much like to become active with them again. DaShawn is looking for a forever family where he can be free to be himself!

Georgia is a Caucasian female who is tall for her age and likes to be called Kaity. She is very intelligent and receives good grades in school. Kaity is an avid reader, which is her favorite past time. 

Kaity enjoys dancing, dressing up for play, shopping and playing outdoors. She really loves helping out in the kitchen.

Kaity's oldest brother is also in foster care; however, they are not placed together. Kaity and her brother hope Kaity's forever family will allow them to continue to have contact. Katie is looking forward to finding a home and being adopted.

Call Connecting Hearts at 804-308-5946  or visit  for more information. Or call 1-800-DOAdopt and visit 

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