RVA Parenting: Virginia launches child care website

RVA Parenting: Virginia launches child care website

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Virginia Department of Social Services has launched a brand new website about a child care in Virginia, and it's intended to help families make good decisions about child care.

"It is just one of a number of initiatives that Virginia continues to roll out in 2015 to strengthen the quality of care in Virginia," explained Barbara Newlin, Director of Social Services.

The website is extensive, covering a range of topics. It promotes health and safety standards in child care, as well as the benefits of high-quality care.

The website also breaks down the types of child care available in Virginia, how to find child care, and how to get help paying for it.

"Parents can use the website to understand the types of care that are available in Virginia," explained Newlin. "What it means, if a child care provider is quality rated or if that child care provider is licensed, they can understand the types of training that are available to child care providers and just help them find information to understand why it's important to have their child in a licensed high-quality setting each day."

The site also has a section to let parents file a complaint if you have concerns about a provider. It should make it easier for parents to look up licensing restrictions to see in detail what kinds of problems a provider may have experienced.

"Virginia needs this because our children are our most valuable resource," said Newlin. " They are vulnerable. They often times can't look out for themselves, and so it really is up to each parent to make to do the research necessary to find a high-quality setting for their child."

For providers, you can look up information on how to get a license and where to find training and professional development information. The website will also keep up to date on what's changing concerning child care in Virginia.

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