How to turn unwanted things into cash

How to turn unwanted things into cash

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Many of us will take advantage of next week's spring break to do some spring cleaning. We've all got books, DVDs, CDs and video games that we'll never use again. You can flip the old for new or turn that unwanted stuff into cash.

They're in the corner, on the wall, on the floor. Everywhere I turn, there's a pile of books in my house and it's time for some to go. Three boxes to be exact. I took them to Second and Charles whose staff will look through what I've got and give me an offer. "You can bring your books in to trade and you can get store credit or you can get cash," explained General Manager Sherri Spiers.

This store is filled with second-hand books, video games, movies and records, all at a fraction of their original price. "You can get used books from a dollar to $5 or $6," Sherri said.

My books fill two of their bins, and the max is three a day. After scanning my ID, the staff inspects the condition of each piece. They can't take books with bent spines, frayed edges or missing dustjackets. Anything they can't take goes to the bins out front where anyone can take any item for free.

I get a claim number. Each bin got a matching stub, then the staff processes what I have. Second and Charles is a concept of Books a Million, so they have a detailed catalog of a book's value. That can go up or down based on their current inventory. Think supply and demand. The fewer they have in stock, the better price you're offered. The process can take time, especially if you have a lot of comic books or LPs, but it's for your benefit.

"Sometimes, those things have those nice little nuggets that are really cool and collectible, and we want to make sure that we give you the best value for the offer," Sherri said.

While they are ringing up my stuff, I have the opportunity try a new a game. They have a ton of these too. "Once they've mastered the game, come in sell it [and] buy a new one," Sherri said.

They buy and sell music instruments, so if little Johnny doesn't take to one in particular, you're not out a ton of money.

When they are done with my boxes, they text me to let me know. Staff member Haley told me I can take $49 in-store credit or $31.05 in cash. I took the store credit.

Second and Charles also takes complete board games and game consoles. The store is located in the Chattanooga Plaza on Hull Street, near 288.

They've got lots of free family-friendly events in the next few weeks. Click here to see the list.

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