RVA Parenting: Warning signs for kids' sports injuries

RVA Parenting: Warning signs for kids' sports injuries

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you have an active kid who is eager to start spring sports, doctors say it's important to make sure your child is ready for play and that you know the warning signs of a dangerous injury.

Whether your kids are hitting a field or a track, they are probably excited and ready to go. The doctors over at KidMed, though, say it's essential your kids ease into spring sports.

"We have to remember that a lot of kids have not been prepared physically getting into the season, so stretching getting gradually into sports is a good thing," said Dr. Mark Flanzenbaum of KidMed. "They get right into their spring sports. They do an awful lot of running, never having done that before. And that's when we see a lot of these overuse injuries."

Flanzenbaum says at KidMed, they'll see a lot of tendinitis, stretched tendons and joint pains. And he says getting into the sport too quickly may have a lot to do with the problem.

Typically, you'll know your child is suffering an overuse injury if the intensity of pain is worse while they are exercising and then eases when they rest with ice and take pain killers.
We also talked to Dr. Flanzenbaum about concussions. And he says the philosophy on this is changing quickly.

"A concussion is really any injury to the head that prevents normal functioning of the brain," said Flanzenbaum. "That literally could be a child that's just dizzy or has headaches or  blurred vision or is not thinking clearly or has behavioral issues. Gets hit in the head while they're running and falling … and then gets angry about the next couple of days."
Flanzenbaum says is if a child has a concussion, that child should see a specialist immediately . The decision as to when to return to play is
a very specific. Students need to be symptom free before returning to play. The doctor also says return to play needs to be taken slowly.

For more information, the American Academy of Pediatrics also has great ideas for getting started with sports, helping your child prevent injury and overuse.

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