RVA Parenting: Knowing the first sign of dehydration

RVA Parenting: Dehydration

How do you know if your child is dehydrated?

"If you think your child is dehydrated, first you need to know what dehydration looks like and for parents at home, [it's] less pee than
normal," says Dr. Jeff Bennett, D.O., FAAP of KidMed."If the urine output is not every 6-8 hours, you're seeing a lot less, you're changing diapers less often, that's the first sign of dehydration."

He also recommends looking at your child's mouth to see if it looks dry or tacky, or if their eyes look dry. "Those are the first signs, and that's all you need to know from a Mom or Dad, from a home standpoint," he says. If you are seeing that enough, they should start to be evaluated.

Some of the things you can do at home: oral rehydration fluid. "The best thing is Pedialyte®. After that, you can do Gatorade, if the kid absolutely won't drink Pedialyte®," says Dr. Bennett. "Sodas and chicken broth aren't nearly as good as the oral rehydration fluid like Pedialyte®."

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