Enon Elementary expansion could cost some residents their homes

Enon Elementary expansion could cost some residents their homes

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield officials are asking some residents to sell their homes to make way for the expansion of Enon Elementary.

Some residents around Enon Elementary now must decide whether they want to sell their home. The county sent a few residents a letter asking if they'd be interested in selling their homes all because they may be in the way of updating and expanding the school.

Resident around Enon Elementary got the letter in the mail nearly two-weeks ago. In it, the county said they are interested in buying their homes, leaving many residents wondering what's next.

"That was it. A slap in the face, we can't get many answers, no one seems to know an answer," said longtime resident Lisa Ward. "Basically, they want us to get out."

The county's right of way office sent the letter to homeowners around Enon Elementary on Rivermont Road, Florence Avenue and Mayfair Drive. In it, the county said, "the community" has expressed a desire not to move the aging and decaying school.

"Who's the community you're mentioning here? If I am a part of the community, then why wasn't I wasn't I part of the meetings? We were never notified of any meetings. No one has ever contacted us. This was what we got in the way of notification. Wow!" she said.

"As far as selling the property, my answer is no," said Guy Murdock, who has lived in the area for 10 years. He said the notification came out of nowhere. "I feel hurt. I feel a little bit betrayed," he says.

Community members took their concerns to the Enon Facebook page "Build Our New School," where school board member Carrie Coyner said "no date" had been set, and the county was working hard to keep the school at its current location, which meant purchasing property.

Thursday afternoon, the county sent NBC12 an email saying they are trying to determine if building a new school in its current location is possible with a 20-acre suggested guideline. The county will continue to review its options.

However, for Ward and her neighbors, the issue is simple. "We don't want to lose our home. That's all it boils down to," she said.

Residents say they have a lot of questions but haven't gotten many answers.

There's a community meeting next week, where they hope to learn more. The meeting is next Tuesday, March 15 at Thomas Dale High School on the 9th-grade campus from 7 to 8 p.m.

Take a look at the full statement from Assistant County Administrator for Community Development, Bill Dupler:

We have heard from the community their desire for the school to remain at its historic location. As a result, Chesterfield County is in the process of determining if building a brand new replacement school at the current location is possible, while [the] school continues to be held in the existing facility. The comprehensive plan suggests that 20 acres, plus or minus, is ideal for an elementary school. The county will continue to review options for building a new school in the area.

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