NBC12 helps customer get $500 back after store did not deliver couch

NBC12 helps customer get $500 back after store did not deliver couch

AYLETT, VA (WWBT) - Anna Conti never thought she'd see her money again after a local furniture store accepted a deposit on a couch she ordered but never delivered the furniture - that's until 12 On Your Side got involved.

"So it was a great moment," said Conti.

The 88-year-old turned to 12 On Your Side after she put a $500 deposit down on a custom couch at Holladay House and Home Center in Aylett - nearly six months later, she didn't have her couch or a refund.

We went to the store in search of answers, but an employee turned us away.

Finally, after weeks of phone calls and a visit, the store's owner, Richard Plunkett, came to the station on the day the story was to air, willing to answer our questions about Mrs. Conti's transaction.

"She will receive her money back before this week is over," said Plunkett.

That was last Thursday. By Friday, a Holladay House and Home Center employee was at Mrs. Conti's home with $500 cash.

"And I know without your help and 12 On Your Side that I would have never gotten that money back," said Conti.

But over the course of the last couple of weeks, 12 On Your Side has gotten no less than a dozen complaints from other people who say Holladay House and Home Center owes them money too. During the previous interview, Plunkett addressed that.

"We are working diligently now to take care of everybody that has an issue with us," said Plunkett.

But with such an outcry, we went back to the store to find out when he would be addressing the other complaints. This time it was closed. A Facebook post says illness forced it to shut down through Wednesday.

At this point, we can only go by what Plunkett told us last week.

"We are sincerely sorry, and we're going to take care of them," said Plunkett.

Mrs. Conti's opinion, even after receiving her refund?

"I just don't think that you can trust anything that he says, and that's a terrible thing to say, that he's not honorable, and that's what I'm saying. He's not honorable," said Conti.

The store owner tells NBC12 that Holladay House and Home Center is planning to close and reopen with a new business model and new investors, and he expects that will allow smoother operation in the future. Many of you have written us to say the business has gone through similar changes in the past and it hasn't made a difference.

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