On Your Side: Getting tax forms for parents from a local daycare

On Your Side: Getting tax forms for parents from a local daycare

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local child daycare business is the subject of a 12 On Your Side Investigation. A parent called 12 when the daycare would not provide its tax identification number so she could file her taxes. On Your Side Investigator Diane Walker found out what's going on.

NBC12 helped that parent get the information she needed, and we have a tax tip to help others with a similar problem.

We talked with the daycare owner, who says she's working on tax information for a few more parents too.

Latesha Taylor says her baby girl's daycare is "Heaven Sent," like the name implies.

"When she gets there, all I have to do is put her down, and she runs right to them," said Taylor.

The match made in heaven tested Dominique's parents patience after weeks of asking for, but not receiving, a cost printout and the daycare's tax ID number.

The mom who called 12 for help says, "I paid them $5000.00. We have to pay you on time. We would like to have our things back at the end of year to file our taxes."

To file an accurate return, you need all your tax information.

"It's inexcusable for a business not to be able to provide this information," said tax expert and C.P.A. James Shepherd.

If you can't get your tax info from the business just by asking, get IRS Form W10 and you hand it to them, according to Shepherd.

"There is a penalty of $50 per form if they do not complete it," said Shepherd.

When you file, attach proof of your efforts to get that information. Shepherd says you'll have more credibility if the IRS questions a credit claim for childcare.

After several unanswered calls and emails, we went to Heaven Sent Daycare. A staff person got the owner on the phone. She said she fell behind on paperwork with the opening of a second daycare and says Latesha Taylor got the tax identification number January 31 and a payment record February 19.

Actually, the same day we showed up, last Friday, Latesha got her tax papers...not before.

"It says January 31," said Taylor. "I told them this date is not correct. 'Oh Ms. Taylor, we know.' Okay, so can you correct it? 'Oh no, the owner knows it's late. Channel 12 has been here.'"

Taylor tells us she is glad she called 12 for help.

"Thank you for just taking time out just to hear the little story. There are a lot of stories going on in this world, but just to hear us, thank you."

It's customary for daycares to provide a cost summary with the tax ID number, but there's no requirement to give this information by January
31. Businesses face a penalty when you make your request using the form W-10.

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