Hillary Clinton campaigns across Virginia hours before Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton campaigns across Virginia hours before Super Tuesday

FAIRFAX, VA (WWBT) - Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton campaigned from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads on Monday, hours before she is expected to win in a margin as high as 20 percentage points over Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Commonwealth.

With less than a day left for young voters to make up their minds, Clinton courted student support at George Mason University in Fairfax, before moving to a rally in Norfolk.

"I want to make it possible for every single American, particularly, young Americans, to go as far as they can," Clinton said at one of the main student centers.

The school is considered by some to hold a bastion of Bernie Sanders supporters. But in an interview Monday, GMU student Travis Evans said Hillary has his support.

"She's been the secretary of state, she's been a senator, she served on the Armed Services Committee and has been to over 112 different countries," Evans said.

But those are some of the same reasons Republicans are now targeting. Clinton's critics point to a seemingly failed state in Libya, the nuclear deal with Iran and the dead in Benghazi.

But Clinton signaled she is looking past Super Tuesday already, and is eager to debate a certain Republican.

"I gotta tell you, I'm looking forward to those debates," Clinton said. "Because at some point, you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the United States of America."

Clinton's Virginia victory is expected to be strong, with the race competitive only in Colorado, Massachusetts and win for Sanders certain in Vermont.

"I think he is a great spokesman, I think he has great ideas," said Clinton supporter Amy Dillard. "But I don't see his ability to implement those ideas."

Clinton pounced on Sanders' proposal to offer free college to all, while offering a swipe at the Republican front-runner.

"I think people who can afford, upper class rich people, they should pay," Clinton said. "I'm not going to tax you and your family to send Donald Trump's youngest child to college for free."

From Virginia, Clinton heads to Miami, Florida, where she will watch Tuesday's returns. The Clinton Campaign signaled the decision conveys Clinton predicts a Florida win when the state votes March 15.

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