Residents in Tappahannock rally around their own after devastating storm

Residents in Tappahannock rally around their own after devastating storm

TAPPAHANNOCK, VA (WWBT) - The Tappahannock community rallied around its own Thursday after a storm is devastated the area Wednesday.

Since early Thursday morning, volunteers have been gathering at the old Southern States building.

"My home wasn't personally affected by the storm, but I'm trying to help the people in the community that were affected," said Amy Parker as she unloaded bags of donations.

People like Parker have been working throughout the day, whether it's sorting supplies, stacking or organizing, these folks want to help their neighbors in need.

"The whole community is kind of gathered around this, it's been an awesome display," said Larry Schools, also known as "Pastor Larry". He said he got the call from the fire department early Thursday morning asking for help. The place started to fill up within a matter of hours.

A truck full of 18,000 bottles of water, 1,000 ready to heat meals and 1,500 blankets came from "Gleaning for the World," a Lynchburg based organization.

"We just wanted to try and make a difference for these people," said Gleaning president Rev. Ronald Davidson.

But while the donations have been generous, the need is great and very real. Reminders are everywhere.

Two employees at NN Burger lost everything, and now their boss is trying to help. "To go from having stuff to having nothing is pretty traumatic. It's pretty traumatic for all of us," said co-owner Jay Wolfson.

NN Burger is also holding a fundraiser Sunday to benefit all the storm victims.

As for the donations that have been collected, the group is meeting with the state police Friday morning to figure out how to distribute the items.

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