Tappahannock tornado victims are banding together to help

Tappahannock tornado victims are banding together to help

TAPPAHANNOCK, VA (WWBT) - Countless people are giving all they can to help storm victims now struggling to hold their lives together. Donations are pouring in, in Tappahannock. People from across the region are offering help clearing debris, serving a warm meal, or just kind words of compassion.

Among destroyed homes and trees sliced in half, Bella Tappahannock's Pizza's owner Massimo Volo is delivering dozens of pizzas he made for anyone withstanding hours of cleanup.

"We just delivered to the firehouse, road blocks, where the state police and all the officers are on duty. We need to help out the community. The community has always been there for us," said Volo.

Volunteers helped clear downed trees, while swarms of people were eager to give anything they could at a donation center stationed at the neighborhood's old Southern States building.

"During a time in need, we are family," added Tuck Martin, a volunteer helping carry donations into the center.

Stashes of any supply imaginable continued to pile up throughout the day. "Clothes, shoes, toys, canned foods," listed Bryson Davis, a middle-schooler who is offering his time to help organize the donations.

The overwhelming sense was felt throughout the busy room: do anything you can to help your neighbor, victims who are now faced with the incredible task of rebuilding what's left in shambles.

"We bond together and help to get the community back together," said Ah-Kaliq Martin, another middle-schooler offering his hand with the piles of supplies.

Donations in Tappahannock are being accepted at the old Southern States building at 1616 Tappahannock Boulevard from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. Any usable household items or food is being accepted, except for nonperishable items.

Monetary donations can be made through the Red Cross, in the Essex County Tornado Victims Fund and also at E.V.B. Bank.

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