RESTAURANT REPORT: Two Henrico restaurants had to throw out food

RESTAURANT REPORT: Two Henrico restaurants had to throw out food

(WWBT) - Two Henrico restaurants had to throw out some food because of temperature violations, according to health inspection reports. Here's where it happened and what these restaurants did about the problems in this week's NBC12 Restaurant Report.

We begin with Kabuto Japanese House of Steaks at 8052 West Broad Street in Henrico, which had seven critical violations, plus nine non-critical on its last health inspection. The report says soup made the day before had to be thrown out because it was still 53 degrees. The health department requires it to be cooled to 41 degrees in six hours or harmful bacteria can grow.

Also, a wooden sushi rice bowl had mildew. When the inspector returned two days later, the report says everything was corrected except for one non-critical.  We left a message for the restaurant manager, but haven't heard back.

UPDATE:  We have now heard back from Kabuto's manager, who points out they've been in business for 39 years and says health inspections are very important to them.  She says they immediately corrected all violations.  

Next up, Shula's American Steakhouse in the Hilton Richmond Hotel and Spa at 12042 West Broad Street in Henrico, which usually does better on health inspections. However, this time, it had five critical violations, plus six non-critical. The inspector told them to have the refrigeration serviced immediately because roast beef wraps in a cooler, and dressing and salsa in prep table were not being kept cold enough. The inspector returned two weeks later and everything had been corrected.

The Hilton Hotel's general manager sent us the following statement:

"I would like the opportunity address the critical violations addressed on the last inspection:

Demonstration of Knowledge. The chef and lead kitchen staff are all ServSafe certified as of October 22, 2015. This is a Hilton critical infraction as well. I believe in the conversation he was unable to give a fifth enteric disease example. We have held a training class for the kitchen, wait staff and management and this information will now be a part of our orientation for new hires in the F & B department.

Eating, Drinking or using Tobacco. The dishwasher was drinking a soda without a lid. We have provided an employee area designated to eating and drinking out of the kitchen area. The practice is against our policy and will be vigorously enforced.

Food –Potentially Hazardous food.  All food in this reach in was discarded and the unit was repaired later that day. In this particular case, one of the digital thermometers failed. We monitor and record readings for every shift, including overnight for all refrigeration. 

Date Marking- Ready to eat products. The RTE items were also immediately discarded. The kitchen staff has been retrained on this action and has daily monitoring.

Food-Consumption Raw or Undercooked. This is a statement at the bottom of our menu. The menus are provided by Shula's corporate offices in Florida and are not subject to change. We have contacted Shula's to express our concern with the ability to comply with the local health codes and have been given the authorization to manually change the verbiage to ensure we are now compliant.

The restaurant and the hotel it resides in have been a part of a history of service excellence. The hotel has also received 10 straight outstanding QA's conducted by Hilton. We also finished in 7th  and 4th out of 281 hotels in the last 2 years, for guest scores Hilton Hotels in the Americas.

The Hilton hotel and Shula's Steak House are very proud partners of this community. We value the Health Department's efforts and take their direction sincerely. We will continue to be dedicated serving food that is fresh, delicious and safe."

Taco Bell at 12820 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield wins this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award.  It has aced six health inspections over the last two years. This is also the eighth local Taco Bell to win the award.

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