RVA Parenting: New wireless portable fetal heart monitors at St. Mary's

RVA Parenting: New wireless portable fetal heart monitors at St. Mary's

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A new tool at St. Mary's means new moms should have more birth options. It's a wireless, portable fetal heart monitor.

It's hard to top the sweet sound of a healthy baby heart. Being able to hear it is a critical tool for doctors monitoring a baby's safe arrival into the world.

New, wireless portable fetal monitors at St. Mary's should make labor a little easier for moms.

"The only way to deal with that pain is to get up and to change positions and to move around," said Peggy Jones, an RN with St. Mary's Labor and Delivery.

She has delivered hundreds of babies.

"If you're tethered to a monitor, you're very very limited by the number of positions you can move into."

This monitor changes that, because it is wireless and portable, which gives moms more freedom. Moms can walk the hall, even get in the bathtub or shower.

Experts say getting moving, can sometimes speed up labor - which is appealing to first time mom, Ashleigh Evans.

"We want this to go as fast as possible," laughed Evans, excited to welcome her son, Mason.

She says she was eager to use the monitor so she could change positions and move.

"When you're able to move around, you're able to rock the baby's head into a better position to come down," said Jones.

"I'm really excited to meet him," added Evans.

There are several monitors available to birthing moms at the hospital.

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