The town of Waverly issues curfew after deadly storms hit the area

The town of Waverly issues curfew after deadly storms hit the area

WAVERLY, VA (WWBT) - Cleanup continues in Waverly after three people were killed and eight people were injured when a possible tornado hit Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday night, a curfew was put in place for Waverly residents.

Now, first responders are working into the night to assess the situation.

The damage was devastating. Powerful angry winds ripped not only the siding, but the walls right off a home. Piles of debris and taunt power lines are now just heaps on the ground.

"Almost like a war zone, almost," said truck driver Tony Claud, who saw the storm move in and then seemingly go before it changed its mind. "It got calm, but then the wind just picked up," he added.

Hours later, deep into the night, the skies have changed but the damage remains.

In addition to assessing the damage, first responders are trying to determine if anyone is missing.

"Three miles radius of debris. It began behind Route 40 and funneled all the way through the back part of 460," said Sgt. Michelle Anaya with the Virginia State Police.

The majority the damage appears to be downtown, which is in the dark, as most Waverly residents don't have power and the town has instituted a curfew.

For most longtime residents, they don't know what to think.

"I think the world's about to end cause I never thought this would happen in Waverly," said resident Dantravious Capios.

State police ask Waverly residents if you need first responders, let them come to you. Don't go seeking them.

Meanwhile, the governor is set to tour the area Thursday morning.

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