Pregnant woman raped in home invasion, says attacker asked if she was 'all right'

Pregnant woman raped in home invasion, says attacker asked if she was 'all right'

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Survivors of a violent home invasion are fighting back, calling on their community to find their alleged attackers.

It happened sometime after midnight on Thursday in Jackson Ward as the homeowner simply stepped outside to feed his cat. He had just gotten home from work and heard the cat meowing when suddenly he was jumped by his own front door.

"I had two handguns in my guts, and I just laid my back against the door and they ran my pockets," that homeowner recalled, who didn't reveal his identity of respect for their privacy.

He says when they couldn't find anything valuable in his pockets, they forced their way into his family's home.

"They laid me down on the floor and one of them had a gun to the back of my head."

His fiancé was sleeping upstairs when she awoke from all the noise, calling down the stairs to him. Suddenly, one of the intruders appeared near her bed.

"The next thing I knew, he was in my room. He came over, asked for money and put a gun to my head," she recalled.

Then the unthinkable happened.

"And then he raped me. He left and came back and tried to do it again," she added.

At seven months pregnant, she was raped in her own bed. "While he was doing it, he asked me if I was all right, which was sick."

At the same time, her fiancé was held by gunpoint. He says he was begging the intruders to take anything they wanted and to leave her alone.

"All I could see was their shoes. I was convinced I was going to get shot," he told us. His fiancé added, "They kept saying they were going to kill us."

The intruders filled a pillowcase full of random electronics and cash before taking off, stealing the couple's cellphones. They had to use their Xbox to message a friend in Seattle, telling him to call 911.

"He messaged me back asking questions like a 911 operator like, 'Are you alone? Have they left?'"

Now they're left with the attack haunting them.

"This will happen to someone else and it could be worse. We're lucky we didn't get killed. I was convinced I was going to be shot," said the homeowner.

The woman was brought to the hospital to get medical treatment, but she is expecting a healthy baby girl in a couple of months.

In the meantime, the young couple has not been able to stay in their home, and will not feel safe until the two men responsible are behind bars.

Detectives ask anyone with information to call Detective David Cuffley at 646-6795 or Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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