Richmond man gets money, documents he deserves from mortgage company

Richmond man gets money, documents he deserves from mortgage company

A Richmond man called NBC12 for help getting important mortgage papers to prove he paid off his loan and his home is free of any liens.

Something that should've been easy for Louis Workman dragged on for six months, until we got involved. Two different agencies acknowledged a mistake was made and promised to get him the papers and cash he deserves.

This was a big deal to Workman, mainly because the mortgage loan showed up as a title cloud against his property. He couldn't borrow on his home until that loan was released through the proper channels. 

He received two checks, which came out to a total of $850, after we got the different agencies talking to each other. The smaller amount, $350, are fees owed to him from Neighborhood Housing Services. The next day, he received a check for $500 from Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

RRHA was legally required to pay Louis $500 because it failed to give him his Certificate of Satisfaction within 90 days after he paid off the loan last July. He has it now. The lien was released and properly recorded in court.

He thanked RRHA and said, "She went an extra step. She sent it certified mail, and she made sure that I got it and received it. So, I was very impressed.
I'm truly glad I called 12 because here again, a lot of people may not have somebody to advocate to say that this is not a big issue for you but it's a big issue for a homeowner or for a senior who really just wants to be made whole."

When NBC 12 got involved, we paid a visit to Neighborhood Housing Services to straighten out the mortgage mess, which was when Louis learned RRHA was the note holder. The two agencies blamed the other for not following through but they met with him and worked everything out.

Executive Director of Neighborhood Housing Services Christie Smith immediately worked to correct the problem. Workman said, "I would not have gotten it resolved as quickly if I had not been able to have a way to contact the right person and Diane was the right person."

Louis said now that he has proof he owns his home free and clear, he can make financial arrangements to renovate the family home.

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