Dinwiddie business owner gives free service to cancer survivors, caregivers

Dinwiddie business owner gives free service to cancer survivors, caregivers

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - We are marking National Random Acts of Kindness Day by introducing you to a local business owner who is offering free home cleaning services to cancer patients. His generosity is inspiring me to open up about a topic that hits close to home.

My mother is a breast cancer survivor. I am a self-professed mamma's boy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer this past year. It wasn't easy, but we recently marked her final chemo treatment.

Viewer Nathan Casey reached out to me on my Facebook page looking to get the word out. His business HRC Cleaning Services was offering free basic house and carpet cleaning to cancer patients.

"100 percent. That's hard to do these days. It is. People say you can't get anything for free, but you can truly get my service for free as long as you are a cancer survivor or caregiver," said HRC Cleaning Services owner Nathan Casey.

I remember mom spent a lot of days resting, solving crossword puzzles to keep busy.

"When you are sick, the last thing you want to have on your mind is cleaning," said Casey.

Casey said he tries to help at least two families a month. "And I wish I could do more, but unfortunately, the finances just won't allow me to."

So I stopped by the bank. After all, this service isn't cheap. "In the range of $75 to $100 per visit," said Casey. "For free."

Since it was Random Acts of Kindness Day, I wanted to give him $100 and say thank you. His acts of kindness meant so much to me and to the community.

"Thank you, and I'm going to donate this back to cleaning supplies so I can continue to give back," said Casey.

"He's such a sweetheart," said cancer survivor Deborah Ryan. "He makes me cry a lot of times. Our family has gone through so much."

That's Deborah, Casey's mother-in-law, a dance instructor and two-time cancer survivor.

"To walk in your house after you've had this treatment and your house is clean and your dishes are all done, it just brightens up your day," said Ryan.

You can contact HRC Cleaning Services at (804) 895-4801 for more information.

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