12 Investigates whether Ashton Square tenants have to leave

12 Investigates whether Ashton Square tenants have to leave

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Frustrations are still running high at the Ashton Square apartment complex. Tenants are waiting for official word on whether three buildings will be condemned by the city Wednesday because of plumbing problems that have left many tenants living without hot water for months.

Every unit at the Ashton Square apartment complex will be inspected by city code enforcers. That's a huge undertaking.  The city says it wants a list of all violations - not just the lack of hot water for tenants over several months.

Councilman Parker Agelasto said the city will be scheduling inspections to develop a list of all violations and come up with a plan for KRS holdings to address them all.

As it relates to the pressing issue of no hot water for some tenants, here's what came out of Tuesday's meeting between the city and KRS holdings.

Code enforcers will inspect building 621 Wednesday morning. Ashton Square property managers must appear in court at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Wednesday is the day that KRS holdings claims the city could condemn three of its buildings.

Councilman Agelasto says only building 621 is subject to code enforcement, though he says others may have similar problems.

Agelasto says Wednesday's court hearing could impact nine apartments. The city also learned that the plumbing problem at Ashton extends to additional buildings, identified as building 617, 629, and 635.

"Clearly, the city has an obligation to its residents," said Agelasto. "In this situation, the city is doing what it can under the law to help provide quality housing for these tenants and to give them their rights. They're paying rent and they do have rights under the law."

We visited Ashton Square Tuesday afternoon and found three Colonial Webb construction trucks working near three of the buildings in question.

NBC 12 reached out to two top managers at KRS Holdings, trying to get some type of comment. No one has returned any of our calls so far. We will be in court Wednesday to let you know what happens.

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