Avoid these Richmond parking ticket hot spots

Avoid these Richmond parking ticket hot spots

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Last year, Richmond handed out 125,478 parking tickets, making $4,387,598 off of frustrated drivers. The area where most of those tickets were written are the streets around City Hall, the courts and the hospital.

On 500 North 10th Street, drivers were hit with 1,967 tickets. One block over, on 500 North 11th, another 1,873 tickets issued.

Drive up one more block to 500 North 12th, and parking enforcement nabbed another 1,590 vehicles.

And don't forget about that city parking lot next to the John Marshall Courthouse. The 800 Clay Street lot was good for another 1811 tickets.

This four-block radius averages 24 tickets a day. That's about two tickets every hour between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

It's safe to say this is parking enforcement's busiest area in the city and your most frustrating place to park.

"It's probably the worst thing I've ever seen in my life," said downtown driver Joel Zogrean. "I have an F250 - basically you can't park it anywhere. It won't even fit in a VCU parking deck."

"The worst I have ever seen," said Lucy Lucas. "They just don't have enough spaces. I was at the valet, couldn't park up there. I had to walk all the way down here to get a parking space."

She uses a cane and has a handicap parking sticker for her car. She also isn't surprised these blocks have the most tickets.

"I know! You don't got to tell me, because I already got one twice," added Lucas.

We definitely saw a lot of parking enforcement in this area. Their yellow jackets stand out.

The city has tried to improve this area in recent years. It converted North 10th Street from a one-way to a two-way. It moved the parking spaces so you could back in, freeing up more spots.

There are many other parking ticket hot spots in this city. The VCU Monroe Park campus sees a lot of ticketed vehicles.

Click here to view our interactive Google map to see how many tickets were issued in your neighborhood.

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