More Bang For Your Buck: 19 stores that will match, beat Walmart prices

More Bang For Your Buck: 19 stores that will match, beat Walmart prices

(WWBT) - Walmart's motto is everyday low prices. However, maybe you prefer to shop at a closer store or you have a gift card to redeem somewhere else. Whatever your reason, you can get Walmart prices at other stores.

It used to be, if you wanted to price match, you'd have to go through circulars and haul them to the store to get your discount. That's not the case anymore.

"With the advent of the smartphone app, where you can actually scan the bar code when you're in the store, retailers realize, if we're not going to price match, there's a good chance that person's going to buy it online or go down the street to Walmart to buy it... Let's try to keep them in the store." says
Kyle James with

You can now get Walmart prices at 19 different retailers. You can do it by downloading the Walmart app, and when you are in a different store, tap the search function on the top of the screen. It scans the barcode, and if the identical item is sold at Walmart, you'll see Walmart's price.

For example, the vacuum we featured is $30 more at Target. With this information in hand, go directly to the people who can help.

"The employees on the floor, they're not super familiar with their own policy for price matching... I always recommend going to guest services, typically in the front of the store," James says.

After scoring your deal at customer service, hold onto your receipts for a couple of weeks.

"If you buy something from Target or Kohl's, if that Walmart price d rops below what you paid, you can bring your receipt back in and get a price adjustment," James explains.

This works best for higher ticket items, like a 60 inch T.V. The product we featured d ropped $452 in a matter of two weeks. If you shop Home Depot, Lowe's or Staples, check the app to see if Walmart carries that product.

"Those stores will not only match it, but they'll beat it by 10 percent so that's a no brainer," James says.

Be careful trying to stack coupons with a price match. Most manufacturer coupons will work, but if you read the fine print on a store issued coupon, you'll see you can't use them when you price match.

Each store has its own unique policy when it comes to price matching, and you can find all the details here.

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