Richmond man calls 12 for help getting important mortgage document

Richmond man calls 12 for help getting important mortgage document

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond man tried for months to get the document he needs to prove he paid off his home loan and the property is lien free. But he says no one would listen until he turned to On Your Side Investigator Diane Walker for help.

Louis Workman was trying to get his hands on a certificate of satisfaction which by law is supposed to be given to him 90 days after the loan is paid off or the lender must pay the borrower a $500 penalty. We were able to quickly resolve what he spent much of last year trying to do.

Louis Workman turned to NBC 12 for help with two issues concerning his South Richmond home. First, getting his Certificate of Satisfaction.

"Right now, I have nothing showing that I outright own my home," said Workman.

Secondly, he wanted a meeting with the mortgage people to get some answers.

Workman says he took off work several times and was never able to meet with anyone at Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond.

"In December, I took off. In November I took off. I would call and take off," said Workman.

He says his mortgage mess started in 2014 when the loan was transferred to NHS. He says he never heard a peep from them until a letter imposing a four-percent fee unless he signed up for automatic withdrawal.

"I did something I didn't want to do with the automatic draft," said Workman. "What options did I have?"

The Workman family buried their Mom last May and paid off the loan last July. They've been waiting for the document ever since.

So, leave the home and go straight to the agency that collected his payments.

Executive Director Christie Smith tells me it's not their fault. Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority owns the loan.

"There was supposed to be communication between the note holder and the note owner," said Smith.

We asked: So, RRHA is dropping the ball?

"I wouldn't say that per se. I would say the communication wasn't there."

After some back and forth, Smith agreed to make a call and find out the status of the certificate while we waited.

Meantime, I learned today the Certificate was recorded with the court three days after I showed up unannounced. RRHA  calls this fumbling and says it's unacceptable.

The two agencies point the finger at each other.

But, for Louis I was able to get e-mail proof an hour ago that he now has a copy of his Certificate of Satisfaction and he's meeting again with NHS tonight at 6.

"We've been doing this for over 36 years," said Smith. "Miscommunication sometimes happen, but it doesn't take but an inch to be able to correct those mistakes."

"I've gotten something resolved in one day that I've been trying to get resolved for over six months," said Workman. "So, I'm certainly glad that I called you all."

So, will Louis Workman receive $500 because of the delay? RRHA says yes, it will take care of any and all outstanding issues related to his mortgage.

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