MBFYB: Dollar Store Cleaners That Work

MBFYB: Dollar Store Cleaners That Work

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Most of us who shop at the dollar stores have given into temptation and tried some of those inexpensive cleaning products. There's a common myth that products are watered down or simply don't work, but through a lot of trials, our Diva of discounts has found some that not only work, but well.

I discovered "L.A.'s Totally Awesome" this year when I watched a good friend use it to get blood off her beige couch. This product claims to clean everything washable.

In my house, it erased carpet stains, both old and new. The bottle says to dilute it with water, but I find it's more effective to spray it full strength. An oily stain almost ruined my green shirt - spray it with Awesome and wash it, comes right out. It even took the funk off my office chair.

If you've got stubborn stains in your toilet, try "The Works". I found this product years ago when I was trying to scour an icky, older commode in our new house. Nothing worked, not even bleach. I stumbled upon this product and it cleared the old stains better than anything I had ever used. It's been my go to toilet cleaner ever since.

If your little budding artist has done a number on your walls, you may reach for a Mr. Clean magic eraser. They work, but they're 2 to 3 times the price of the dollar store alternative. When I put the "Quick Eraser" to test, it removes the crayon just as well as it's pricier counterpart.

I took a chance on "Bang" shower cleaner, pitting it against two big name brands, Clorox and Fantastik Heavy Duty. This gentleman's shower is filthy...Each section gets sprayed thoroughly and scrubbed using each of the cleaners. All three do a good job removing the dirt and soap scum, but only one has that cheap dollar price tag.

Another dollar store favorite amongst the super savers, the dry floor cloths. These are similar to the "Swiffer" brand that can cost four times as much at other stores. We tested those too and they performed about the same.

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