RESTAURANT REPORT: Critical violations at strip club & Vietnamese restaurant

RESTAURANT REPORT: Critical violations at strip club & Vietnamese restaurant

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A strip club was featured in NBC12's Restaurant Report because adult entertainment venues that are also bars and restaurants are inspected by the Health Department just like any other place. A local club not only had four critical violations, it had some smoking ban violations.

It was the Candy Bar at 3904 Hull Street Road in Richmond. The report said there was no door between the smoking and non-smoking sections.  A door is required to keep the smoke out of the non-smoking section.

The report also said there wasn't an exhaust system in the restrooms to prevent the recirculation of smoke. We called the Candy Bar and the manager told us they replaced the exhaust vents in the restrooms and the door, and corrected the other violations the same day as the inspection. Their follow-up inspection report two weeks later shows everything was correct.

Up next, Pho 79 at 6909 Staples Mill Road in Henrico.  The report shows it had six critical violations, and five of them were repeated from a previous inspection, which included a worker failing to wash their hands after slicing raw beef and then getting an order ready. The inspector also told them they had "plenty of cleaning" to do.  Most violations were corrected on the spot, and the manager told us by phone they have been "working really hard" cleaning the restaurant.

Inspectors didn't find any such problems at Chili's Grill and Bar at 12231 Chattanooga Plaza in Midlothian. We gave it the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing four health inspections over the last two years. Chili's is known for its casual atmosphere while serving up American, Mexican, and Tex-Mex cuisine.

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