More Bang For Your Buck: Eating Healthy Using Coupons

. - Coupons are a must for those trying to stretch their grocery budgets, but there's a common myth that you can only use them on junk food … not true!
We've turned over a new leaf in my house -- no more junk food!  Being the coupon queen that I am, I'm still going to find ways to get stuff for less.

We'll start in the Martin's produce section. The sales flier is the first place to look. These coupons to the right of the flier always have at least one low calorie choice. Like a 3-pound bag of clementines for $3.77 -- that's a good price! Or a 35 pack of spring water for $2.88 -- that's only 8 cents per bottle.

We buy the fruit that happens to be on sale. This week it's apples for 88 cents a pound, 41 cents cheaper than normal.

When I go in the store, I check the kiosks in the entrance. This where I find the Savory magazine that has a coupon for dollar off any Dole salad. That's an instant 40 percent savings!

I also print store coupons from the little machines in the front of the store. It helped knock 50 cents of this clearance roast turkey breast.

Yogurt and granola bars are going to pay for my milk. Nature Valley granola bars have a 50 cents off coupon that doubles to a dollar. The Yoplait Yogurt also has a coordinating coupon. Stack those with this sale, and you get a lot of products for not a lot of money!

And then there's the cash back apps. The Yoplait and Nature Valley that scored me free milk are also on Saving Star.

I load these before I shop and get back another $1.25. This app has a different healthy offer on some sort of produce almost every week.

Checkout 51 lets you choose what healthy offer you'd like to redeem. I'm choosing oranges.

The clementines qualify and I get another quarter credited to that account.

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