Main roads clear, secondary roads still icy in Central VA

Main roads clear, secondary roads still icy in Central VA

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Many of the main roads that go through Richmond are clear, but the neighborhoods remain difficult to navigate.

Snow plow crews in the city are tackling residential neighborhoods Monday afternoon while still maintaining priority 1 and 2 routes. If you live in the city and park on the street, be prepared to take out your shovel and scrapers. The plows cleared some of the roads, but the snow also blocked many of the cars.  Also, watch out for black ice on the sidewalks, which may be more dangerous than driving.

Richmond snow plow crews reached about 10 percent of their assigned neighborhood routes by around 2 p.m. on Monday, according to a Facebook post by City Councilman Parker Agelasto. The City should have half of the streets treated by 7 p.m. and 90 percent by Tuesday morning. Trash collection will be on hold in Richmond until Wednesday.

In Henrico, Public Works crews are asking residents to move their trash cans off the street to help plows access the roads. Trash collection has been delayed.

In Chesterfield, the worst conditions are on the side roads and in subdivisions. Regardless of how good your tires or four-wheel drive is, ice is extremely difficult to drive safely across. This is a major reason why schools are closed Monday.

VDOT has crews working around the clock to plow and treat streets with salt and sand. Their focus in on the Richmond District's nearly 7,000 miles of secondary routes. It may take a little longer to reach subdivision streets and narrow cul-de-sacs, due to the difficulty of having heavy equipment maneuver around parked cars.

VDOT gave a few bullet points on what residents should know.

  • Plows will provide a path through neighborhoods that is drivable with caution for an average passenger vehicle. The path will not be curb-to-curb or bare pavement, and may remain uneven and rutted, especially with refreezing overnight.
  • Chemicals are not typically used in subdivisions, but crews will sand hills, curves and intersections as needed to provide traction.
  • In many neighborhoods, front-end loaders and motor graders will be required to move snow where there is not enough room to push the snow off the streets.
  • Crews are asked to be mindful of pushing large piles onto driveways, but in an extreme storm that can be an unintended consequence of making roads passable. VDOT cannot return to clear snow from private driveways.

If you venture out today, drive slow, especially around turns. When you are walking, take it slow and keep an eye to the ground.

Virginia State Police say they have responded to 8,412 calls for service since Friday, including 1,562 crashes and 2,502 disabled vehicles.

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