More Bang For Your Buck: Free pet microchip registry

More Bang For Your Buck: Free pet microchip registry

(WWBT) - Millions of pets go missing every year, but microchipping has helped reunite many of them with their owners.

However, there's a new way to use the life saving service without paying those annual fees.

Buddy and Stark were adopted at different times, but both came with microchips implanted.

"And it was good for one year," says owner Kimberly Roberts, who started using the chip last year. In the cold of January, Stark, who needed his medicine for epilepsy, bolted out the front door and was gone for days. "They sent out alerts to the local shelters, the SPCA as well as all the vets in case someone found him and turned him in," she explains.

Stark made his way home after three long, worrisome days. "When he got home, his little paws were raw. He did not want to go outside for anything," she says.

But when she went to update the account, she learned a renewal fee had to be paid first. However, Kimberly is a super saver and if there's a way to do it cheaper, she'll figure it out. That's when she discovered the "Found Animal Registry," which is a non-profit run by a veterinarian who wants every lost pet to be found. Hefty gr ants allow this operation at no cost to you. They will do everything other companies do to find your lost pet. "There is no catch. They love animals," she says.

Kim's other dog, Buddy, was adopted from a Navy friend who couldn't care for him. The chip was always registered in another owner's name. "Because I do have his microchip tag, I was able to go on this site and put in all their information, all of their medical needs that they have as well as an updated picture," she explains.

The free "Found Animals Registry" allows shelters, clinics, veterinarians, and humane organizations to search for microchips and send automated alerts to pet owners online, 24/7.

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