Petersburg woman without arms still in need of a car

Petersburg woman without arms still in need of a car

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Celia Yette of Petersburg was born without arms. NBC12's first story in November and Celia's determination and positive attitude inspired many people. Many people sent her donations, but she still needs a car.

She's seeking $60,000-$70,000 to cover devices she needs to drive, plus the car.

As a baby, doctors told Celia's parents she would never walk.

"I have a disability. I'm 3 feet 3 inches tall," she said. "I use my feet to do mostly everything."

Celia watched her siblings and developed desire to do more than stand and put one foot in front of the other. Soon Celia's feet became her hands too.

Celia has a BA and Masters from Virginia State University and works for Virginia Employment Commission.  She's famous around town for her motivating talks helping others.

GRTC bus operator A. Trent Boyd knows her well. He'd like to see her independent and driving a car again.

"I wish I had the money where I could actually do it for her," he said. "Here's somebody that shows up as an advocate for people with disabilities and
she's in need herself."

Celia's 16-year-old Ford Mustang stopped working because the modifications that enable her to drive can't be repaired anymore. Plus, this old car isn't compatible to new devices needed to get her behind the wheel again.

"To be able to drive again would be awesome," she said. "You know it's about living. The quality of life was greatly improved when I had my car."
Celia's dream is a 2015 Ford Mustang.  According to specifications from the Mobility Super Center of Virginia, which kept her old car running for years, a
newer model car with manual dial controls for heating and air conditioning is what she needs now.  It says handicap modifications would tap into the vehicle's electrical and computer systems perfectly. Celia says,

"I want to live. I really do. I'm here. I have a purpose. So I need to do it," Celia said.

She's hopeful she will remain independent.

"Just like I have my crosses to bear, I know you have yours," Celia said. "Mine maybe just a little bit more out there you know, but for me that's a big break because I don't have a lot of explaining to do. But you young lady, Ha Ha Ha."

Call 345-1212 if you can help.

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