RVA Parenting: 5 tips to start your year off as a stronger family

RVA Parenting: 5 tips to start your year off as a stronger family

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - From putting the phone down to spending more time with your kids, a lot of us make New Year's resolutions to spend more time with family.

The Today Show asked parents across the country for their ideas. Parents shared ideas like turning the TV off and getting outside. Some wanted to give themselves a break. For example, you don't always have to have perfect hair, your kids won't care how you look- they just crave that time together. Some families say they'll plan more dinners together, and some parents said they'll plan more date nights, so they're more energized to spend time with the kids.

Michelle Smith, a parenting blogger with RichmondMom.com, shared five great tips to start your year off as a stronger family.

1) Put the phone down. "When you get home, have a set amount of time that you can just put your phone down. Turn your electronics off- and give all your attention to your kids," said Smith.

2) Talk less, listen more. Smith recommends getting on your child's level. Talk about current events and important topics in their world.

3) Foster an attitude of giving. "Maybe give them a list of organizations or charities that they can choose from and that they can be involved in." suggested Smith. "Whether it be from volunteering, maybe donating some of their toys, and some of their own money and that sort of thing."

4) Have a loving relationship with your spouse in front of your children. "Sometimes it's easy to just co-parent in front of your kids and they don't see is the relationship that you have with your spouse on that level, as opposed to just being parents," said Smith. "And it's important for kids to see that because
it helps them feel secure in their home and in their families. And that's also -- at that age is when they develop -- start to develop what they're going to look for in a relationship when they grow up."

5) Leave notes for your kids. "Just in their lunch box, maybe by their toothbrush, if you leave early in the morning," said Smith. "Just to let them know, especially for working parents -- while they're in school -- just to let them know that you're thinking about them throughout the day."

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