Survey shows Central Virginians split on increased gun control measures

Survey shows Central Virginians split on increased gun control measures

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - President Barack Obama's executive actions will not likely be met by a groundswell of support in Central Virginia, according to results of a recent survey.

The RVA Dialogue survey conducted in October of 4,300 people in the Richmond region found there was no widespread support for change in current laws. In fact, the respondents were split. While 49 percent said they support a gun ban or increased gun control, 47 percent supported current laws or a decrease in gun control.

However, the respondents did find firearms increased their sense of safety. Sixty-five percent said guns make a home safer and 55 percent said they felt guns make their community safer.

The results were highly partisan. When asked which was more important, controlling gun ownership or protecting gun rights, 87 percent of Democrats believed controlling gun ownership was more important, while 79 percent of Republicans said protecting the right of Americans to own guns was more important.

The online survey was conducted between October 6-18, 2015 in conjunction with Alan Newman Research and Johnson Marketing among residents in Richmond or the surrounding counties. All respondents were 18 years old or older and the maximum margin of error at the 95 percent confidence level was +1.5 percentage points.

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