MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Life hacks to keep toys clean

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Life hacks to keep toys clean

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We often look forward to all of those practical gifts... but we don't usually think about the maintenance involved. Here are some life hacks you'll need to know, to keep your new toys clean after the holidays.

When young kids get a hold of Sharpies, one thing is inevitable. Those thick solid lines will end up somewhere other than the your wooden table.

This life hack claims white toothpaste will get rid of it. Dab a little on a dry cloth and rub it in a circle. It takes some elbow grease but, in 45 seconds, the Sharpie is gone.

Crayon on the wall and no magic eraser? A little spray of WD-40 and it comes right off with a paper towel.

Most of us have seen the idea of cleaning that icky shower head with vinegar. Seems simple, but it's flawed. It's hard to get the bag to stay tied tight around the nozzle. It droops and the liquid only covers half. In the end, it got a little of the ick off, but a scrub brush seems easier.

Speaking of vinegar, you can use it as the rinse agent in your dish washer. There's no odor after you run it, and the dishes come out sparkling.

Green growth on your porch has an easy hack. A little bit of bleach will kill just about anything green, and you don't even have to scrub it.

Olive oil and vinegar to fix scratches in wood floors? It certainly won't fix it, but it will mask it a little.

Most dolls with hair eventually look nasty. I tried three different techniques to help these girls.

Everyone got a baby shampoo wash. My Little Pony gets a spray mixture of two tablespoons of fabric softener and water. The blonde soaks for 30 minutes in half-Snuggle, half-water. The brunette gets an hour using regular conditioner.

After rinsing, My Little Pony is hard to comb, but she's svelte again in about five minutes. Both Barbies are a breeze to comb through, but after drying, the brunette's conditioner results seemed a little greasy. The half-and-half soak on the blonde made her look brand new.

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