Restaurant Report: E-cigarette on prep table

Restaurant Report: E-cigarette on prep table

(WWBT) - Electronic cigarettes are meant to be safer for your health than tobacco cigarettes, but the health department says they're still not allowed where food is being prepared in a restaurant. That was one of the violations that's now been fixed at a popular grill.

It happened at Trackside Grill at 301 South Railroad Avenue in Ashland, according to the health inspection report. The grill usually earns better scores, but this time, it had six critical violations, plus six non-critical.

"Well, the critical [violations] were basically fixed on the spot," Trackside owner Matt Hammond pointed out.

The report says an electronic cigarette and a coffee cup were sitting on the prep table where the roast beef was being sliced.

"One of those vapor cigarettes. They're not allowed in the kitchen. It wasn't in the kitchen. It was in the side room, but anyway, so all of them have been fixed," said Hammond.

Hammond said they also had to turn down the temperature in a cooler when some food was a few degrees too warm.

When the inspector returned a week later, the report shows everything was correct, except a little more light was needed near the slicer.

"We keep a pretty clean kitchen," Hammond said. "Things are wiped down all the time with bleach."

Moving to Chesterfield, Chen's Chinese at 13104 Kingston Avenue had four critical, plus eight non-critical violation. The inspector wrote that sauces were stored directly on the floor, and an employee prepped shrimp and then touched clean glassware. Chen's earned a perfect score when the inspector returned 10 days later.

We gave the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to the University of Richmond's cafe, Richmond on Broad, at 626 East Broad Street. It has aced six inspections in a row while serving breakfast and lunch to students, staff, and the public.

"We hire very conscientious people with a strong attention to detail.  Because it takes more than just one person to keep a place clean and sanitary," said Chef Manager Matt Lee.

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