What does unseasonably warm weather mean for your blooming plants?

What does unseasonably warm weather mean for your blooming plants?

(WWBT) - Trees and plans have been blooming across the area, but there's more winter to come. What does that mean for spring?

"Basically, what we're seeing is flower buds that were set in the spring and summer," T. Michael Likins with the Chesterfield County Extension Office explains. "They went through a period of cold. It's called vernilization. Once they reach that temperature and they come back with some warm temperatures, they break bud."

That mans, in short, the flowers bloom. "So, those are going to be flowers that would have bloomed in the spring. They're blooming now. They are not
going to come back," Likin explains. He says what's going on now is completely natural for plants. It just happens to be off schedule for what we expect.

"There is not a lot you can do about it," Likins says. "The machinery has been turned on. They are going to bloom. And those buds, once they bloom, they're gone. Some plants can do that, [while] others can't.

It's why he says, you may as well just enjoy the flowers now because that may be when they come this year.

Of course the outcome is going to vary a little bit plant to plant, depending on where the plant is around your house and how much sun its seen. However, as we go into spring, it will certainly be interesting to see how the colors change.

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