RVA Parenting: Managing Christmas list expectations

RVA Parenting: Managing Christmas list expectations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If Santa's list is getting a little long or unrealistic at your house, we have some advice which can help.

Managing expectations can be tough, especially when you're dealing with "magic." We checked in with Richmond expert, Carissa Garabedian, who blogs for Macaroni Kid Richmond.

She says to start by talking to your kid about realistic boundaries. Talking to your kids and making a list together, can help manage expectations. Have your child list something he or she really wants, something your child needs, something to wear, and something to read. Remind your children of the less fortunate. You can start by helping your child come up with ways to give back. Sometimes outgrown toys can be donated- to help someone else, and make room for the new ones.

"There really is more pleasure in that," said Garabedian. "To get them to go through their stuff and say this really isn't that useful anymore. And most of their stuff, for the most part, it's really great condition.  And to move it forward is really a nice way for them to learn the beauty of giving back."

She says you could talk to your child about making homemade gifts or cards, as well- as a way to give back to others.

And if your child asks for a gift he or she just won't get, she says you should be honest from the get-go.

"If there's things on that list that are not going to happen, you should let your children know and say, 'you know what? That's a great idea. I wouldn't expect that this year, we can think about it for the future so that when Christmas morning comes, and your child opens the presents and it's not there, they're not terribly disappointed,'" said Garabedian. "Put it out there and let there be no secrets."

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